It's always a good time to prepare & plan

Leaving early is the safest option to protect yourself and your family.


   Leaving early means leaving the area before a fire starts – not when you can see flames or smell smoke.  Leaving early means avoiding panic, being trapped, making the wrong choices and risking serious injury or death.  Talk to your family and friends about how you’ll know when to leave and where to go to stay safe.

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Helpful CFA resources

Fire Danger Rating

​The Fire Danger Rating tells you how dangerous a fire would be if one started. Warrandyte is in Victoria’s Central Fire District. What do the ratings mean and what should you do?

Creating a Bushfire Plan

Not everyone thinks clearly in an emergency. Taking steps to be  prepared before the fire season means you know what to do when you’re at risk.

Fire Ready Kit

The responsibility for surviving the fire season is shared between emergency services and the community.  You have a role in ensuring our own and our community’s safety.

Am I at risk?

Victoria is one of the most fire-prone areas in the world. Understanding your level of risk is the first step in knowing what to do before and during a fire.

Warrandyte and surrounds is a beautiful area of the green wedge.  With the appreciation of our unique environment, we need to respect the landscape we have chosen to live in. This means understanding that Warrandyte is a potential bushfire district and all residents are at risk.

While the level of emergency response to any event in the area will be significant, it is your responsibility to ensure your and your family’s safety. Anything can happen – you must be prepared.

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