Over 80 years of service to Warrandyte

Warrandyte CFA is a 100% volunteer run brigade, serving the community for over 80 years.

We attend more than 200 calls for assistance each year including house, grass & bush fires as well as car accidents and other emergency events.  We have 50+ members providing an emergency service 24-hours a day, 365 days of the year, to our community.

Warrandyte CFA is located at the base of the Yarra Valley, 35 kilometres northeast of Melbourne.  Sitting on the fringe of both city and country, Warrandyte is uniquely positioned in one of the most beautiful bush environments in Victoria. The very nature of our environs means Warrandyte and its surrounding suburbs, face a very real threat of bushfire.  

Our brigade remains proactive in protecting our community and arming our residents with the most up-to-date information available.


Warrandyte Fire Brigade began its existence as the Warrandyte Bush Fire Brigade in 1938.

Warrandyte then became a part of the CFA on 31 October, 1945.



Volunteer members​

The Warrandyte CFA has over 50 members. Many operational fire fighters, but we also have volunteers who offer support services.


Unique environs​

Warrandyte is part of the green wedge and our surrounding bush environment lends Warrandyte to being highly susceptible to bushfire incidents. Our brigade is respectful of these unique environments and continues to promote community education for bushfire preparedness.


Coverage area​

Warrandyte CFA service boundaries include the suburbs of Warrandyte, Donvale, East Doncaaster & Templestowe.

Warrandyte CFA in the community

Warrandyte CFA is committed to community education.  Our focus is to ensure that we not only do everything we can to ensure our residents receive the most up-to-date information, but that we also are regularly present in the community.

As part of our commitment to the our community, we attend many events annually, including:

Follow the Warrandyte CFA Facebook page for current events and safety information. CFA receives support via donations, fundraising, sponsorship and partnerships. If you, your community group or business are interested in supporting Warrandyte CFA, see our Donate page. If you would like more information about the CFA in Victoria, visit the CFA website.

Warrandyte Fire Brigade & the CFA​

Warrandyte Fire Brigade is one of over 1200 volunteer fire brigades involving 59,000 volunteer firefighters, over 400 career firefighters and officers and over 700 career and support administration staff, operating under the Country Fire Authority (CFA) banner throughout Victoria.  Warrandyte CFA is part of the CFA District 13.

CFA receives support via donations, fundraising, sponsorship and partnerships.  If you, your community group or business are interested in supporting Warrandyte CFA, please see our Donate page.

For more information about the CFA in Victoria, visit the CFA website.

Our appliances

Warrandyte CFA have four appliances which are used to assist and protect our community.


Warrandyte Tanker – 3.4C Heavy Tanker

The Tanker is a primary response vehicle that used to combat Structural and Rural Fires. The Tanker carries a large quantity of water and extensive equipment for Bush firefighting.



The Pumper is a primary response unit and is used to combat structural and urban fires.  The Pumper is equipped with an extensive inventory of operational equipment including hoses, branches (nozzles), ladders, breathing apparatus, chemical protective suits and other firefighting equipment.


FCV – Forward Control Vehicle

Our FCV is a brigade purchased Toyota Land Cruiser which is used as a command vehicle at Strike Teams as well as for additional crew support for local incidents.


Slip-On (Ultra Light Tanker)

An agile fire tanker comprising of a 400 litre tank, pump and other fire suppression tools that can be slipped onto the tray when required. It is crewed by two firefighters to perform first attack, and difficult to access fire related tasks.

Our location

The station is located at the intersection of Harris Gully Road, Warrandyte-Heidelberg Road and Yarra Street in Warrandyte.

Nearby CFA brigades:

South Warrandyte CFA
Duty Officer: 9844 4412

North Warrandyte CFA
Duty Officer: 9844 3968

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